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Guajataca 2017 Start Line ... Ver maisVer menos

22 hours ago

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Epale! Saludos de Colombia



Yeaaa let's go!

Da hora o evento !

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Guajataca Slide Jam 2017, Puerto Rico ... Ver maisVer menos

2 days ago

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Francisco Barboza

Bammin' through the 'hood

Leo Sartor SMASHES it out in the local bomber hood. FLYING.

Old Child media
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7 days ago

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is that a cracked lens?

watching this it just blows my mind I used to do similar runs on just a standard 10x30 board back in the 80's that I used for all my other skating as well, I only had one really bad fall, no helmet, no pads, no brains apparently lol

Sick !!! people just don't understand how awesome and how dangerous this is

One pebble away from death or being paralyzed for life.

He's insane you say ?! Let's not forget about the camera guy!

Yeaa the bomb from towers ranch, always a crazy one. Knew i reconized that road

Jonathan Alcantara hit this Kelowna run last time I went to giants head

Right by "Victor's Fingers" 🙂 Been wanting to do a from the top run for a while now. Nice

Really incredible!



Ahhh!! que rica bajada

Que cebadoo!!!


Very nice broth

Arthur Lacerda olha esse downhill frenetico mano

Robert Clark lol you did this?!

Philemon and Noah this is crazy

Wow this is Kelowna lol


Ricardo Couto ximba ou não ximba?

Ben J. Amin

Alan Zelaya aviéntate en la tuya!

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