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Our boy Sergio Henríquez Insúa slaying it up again at the Armco freeride. Care of Skate[Slate] magazine

Sergio Henríquez Insúa goes after the Arico El - Bueno Freeride track with some fire and puts down a fast steezy raw run in front of Emily Pross. Presented by KebbeK Skateboards and BIGMOUNTAINSKATE

Aera Trucks // AHMYO // Urethane Burners
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20 hours ago

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Based on the shadow of the camera vehicle, I would say they are following way to close for safety. Great run, though.


David Driscoll showing us yet again, how to kill it on your skateboard. David rides Aera Trucks and for Action Board Shop.

Tyler Hunt film
Simon Vazquez edit
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2 days ago

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"A bug's life"

One bug was harmed in the making of this raw run. Come at me PETA!

Insect abuse. Needlessly allowed it to stay in the camera while going recklessly fast.

Spoiler hands


Robert Vitale definition of full send

Uowwwww Ricardo Couto flying hight

Good tuck 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Going elem


Or get killed... poor choice of line 1:29. Rest of the run was $

Skated it like this first but didn't film it. David ain't shit

no words.. . .OK, 1 word.....I'm utterly "AWESOMIZED!I" by this.

Pure skateboarding

Hell yeah 🤙🏽

rip bug

Love the fly on the camera

Farid regarde c'est oim 😏

Totally amazing awesome

Filipe Xavier imagina o medo que dá

Muito loco bom demais.

Tyler Virgo Charlie Downey slow compared to us hey boys

Jan A Orengo Vazques va suavesito lol

Bence Huszár ez beteg😬🙄

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😰😰😰 This guy is flying 😰😰😰

Kevin Reimer doesn't get out as much to skate since he's full time at Skate One, but when he does... He chooses @Powell-Peralta Powell-Peralta Downhill SNAKES 69mm.

Caden Castellini footage
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5 days ago

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Has own pro model rides Bryons instead...

Yall really need to stop with th clickbait

How fast was he going??

where is this hill?

sick video but we miss kevin reimer going stand up toeside.... l:( www.youtube.com/watch?v=Na-Dl9xvQX8

Kevin Reimer dam girl you thicc... just throwin those softy pop heelside pokey poos like it aint no thing! (translation ::: Wow Kevin, your full grown adult body size allows you to perform very stylish heelside stand-ups that only a bigboi can do.)

E o que falar de um cara que não erra, que e muito técnico também, domina completamente o Downhill , e não e só eu que penso assim, kevin sem dúvidas o cara mais técnico que ja ouvi falar !

always jealous of people who get to hit the fish, also live in such warm weather!

He doesn't always slay, but when he does, even Beyoncé takes a pause

David der macht auch nur heelside, nur ultra heftige hald haha

Julio Inga cheka intenta entrar inside a las derechad

Kevin riding anything that isn't his pro model feels super awkward haha

you kno its real when Krimes got the basketball shorts on

I would found all the rocks on the way down. How'd he not?

OHHH how I'm thankful I'm NOT his Mother. He's top on my prayer list. STAY SAFE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hot damn, I never saw anyone skate that bottom super chundery part of this road before.. sick!!!

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how skaters read this

This was actually hype asf

am i the only one who's waiting if he rolls? 😂


how normal people read this

#snakeswheels is perfect😍💚

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