Jasper Ohlson 13 anos

Neste video da Arbor veja um skatista de 13 anos andando muito.

Arbor Skateboards :: Jasper Ohlson x The Backlash 37 from Arbor Collective on Vimeo.

Living in San Diego California, our team rider Jasper has been turning heads with his young talent. Although only 13 and continuing to hone in his skills, it is undeniable that he is on track to become one of the best freeriders in the scene.

Watch him show how the Backlash 37 is a perfect board for smaller riders who want to progress fast. From stand up slides to sidewalk slashes to bombing hills this board can do it all.

Enjoy the video, and see how this young gun is coming up!

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Confira o video do rolê.

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