Downhill Speed – Drop do Chico – Resgate do Du

Neste video o Dú, perde o equilibrio e acaba pulando para fora da pista, mas o que ele não contava é que naquela curva tinha um barranco.

Confira o video do resgate.


Downhill Speed no Drop do Chico/SP – Drop #04

Exercícios para o pescoço para evitar dores durante o seu Drop

Se você tem mais de 30 anos e pratica regularmente o Downhill, de vez em quando, dependendo da quantidade de slides que você mandou, podemos forçar um pouco a mais os músculos da região do pescoço. Manobras com a mão no chão extensas como Layback, colemans slides são exemplos de manobras que usam muito a musculatura das costas e do pescoço.

Abaixo um vídeo simples de exercícios que podem ser feitos em casa para ajudar a prevenir.

GPS data logger para downhill


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Longboarding: Beware of Men

Tenho que confessar que sou um grande fã do Adam Colton, Não me lembro de ter visto um video dirigido por ele que não seja bom. Neste video temos a oportunidade de ver James Jelly e Patrick Switzer em um Freride Colado, vale a pena assistir em HD.

Conferindo o setup utilizado neste vídeo:
Patrick Switzer – Shape Fullbag Elise, Rodas Otangatang 86a In Heats
James kelly- Shaepe Rayne Killswitch, Rodas Otangatang 80a 4 Presidents e Rodas Orangatang 86a In Heats

Uploaded on Jan 26, 2011
Having fun at a thrift store helped create and inspire this video. There are a total of 3 dramatic costume changes in this video, pretty easy to spot. And I think it is safe to say this is the first time anyone has skated with a purple stuffed elephant lased to their helmet in a video. Patrick grew out a nice mustache just for this video, stoked.

James and Patrick rock some fun outfits for this video down a really fun, gnarly, fast path. We were originally going to do the video on this one road, but saw this path off to the side of the road. The gate was open, so the boys skated down it and it was apparent that this gnarly path was a perfect spot for a video. Turns out the family that owned the path their sons had heard of Orangatang wheels and one of them owned a Dervish so we were in.

For this video, I shot with 50mm lens at the beginning and for the skating I shot mostly with a 70-200mm lens. This is the first time using such a zoom lens and most of the time I shot between 150-200mm. I wanted to try something different by using a zoom lens and being really tight on following the subjects. It was a challenge following them down the path but I think it really captured well the speed and beautiful movement down the path. Jacko for the first day worked the wide-angle lens and got those shots. It was nice working with Jacko having an extra hand to document the turns and such, much more efficient. Patrick ending up taking a crash at the end of the first day of shooting and hurting his knee a bit. So it was about a month later after the boys returned back from the Newton playground race in Australia that we finished up the video.

I am really stoked to document Patrick and James skating together, the 2 skate so close to each other in constant trust of one another, very cool to witness. This video gives off a really fun playful silly vibe and I hope you enjoy it and it makes you want to go out and skate in women’s clothing.

James no longer rides for Otang and we wish him the best of luck.

SET-UP: Patrick Switzer – Fullbag Elise,Otang 86a In Heats / James kelly- Rayne Killswitch, Otang 80a 4 Presidents + 86a In Heats

Music By: Caravan Palace
Song: Bambous

Jasper Ohlson 13 anos

Neste video da Arbor veja um skatista de 13 anos andando muito.

Arbor Skateboards :: Jasper Ohlson x The Backlash 37 from Arbor Collective on Vimeo.

Living in San Diego California, our team rider Jasper has been turning heads with his young talent. Although only 13 and continuing to hone in his skills, it is undeniable that he is on track to become one of the best freeriders in the scene.

Watch him show how the Backlash 37 is a perfect board for smaller riders who want to progress fast. From stand up slides to sidewalk slashes to bombing hills this board can do it all.

Enjoy the video, and see how this young gun is coming up!

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